Spread sheets for Tax Professionals-Avoid the Downward Spiral

Issued by Magna Carta PR on behalf of Deloitte Touche Johannesburg, May 2012-Any decent software application today progresses through the SDLC, well known to anyone in the IT industry as the Software Development Life Cycle. The SDLC is the cycle of an application involving many role players generally beginning with the Analysis phase, moving through [...]

Companies unaware of inherent tax risks

Issued by PwC The global financial crisis, combined with King III and the New Companies Act, demands greater corporate risk management. However, a lack of inherent tax risk awareness may be counteracting efforts to improve transparency and manage threats, leaving unsuspecting directors liable for negligence. “When it comes to tax there is little focus on [...]

PwC highlights the challenges of managing tax risk in the banking industry

Ine-Lize Terblanche, Tax manager and Accounting Services Leader at PwC Tax inefficiency is one of the biggest financial and reputational risks facing organisations in the banking industry. Banks should ensure that tax forms an integral part of their corporate governance agendas in order to manage these risks effectively. The tax function needs to become more [...]

Climate is a threat to many sectors

Sanchia Temkin Professional Services Editor SEVERAL major industry sectors around the world are in danger from climate change , according to a report released by KPMG yesterday. Aviation, healthcare, tourism, transport, oil and gas, and the financial services sectors all featured in the “danger zone” in a study on climate change risks. The sectors also [...]